G3WOS's 2019 6M / 50MHz BBQ
- in conjunction with the UKSMG -

- Updated: 1st August 2019 -

After the great success of all the previous 6M BBQs, I am holding another on Saturday 10th August 2019 in Farnborough, Hampshire UK  - so make a note in your diary and let me know if you wish to attend.

Take a look at the 2005 BBQ web site if you want to see what it’s all about. As we have always had a good number of non-UK 6m hams attend, I am sending this now so that you can plan your summer around the event by visiting the UK!

There will be plenty of food and drink, lots of 6m guys to talk to and argue with and XYLs are positively encouraged! I hope that we will see an even better turn out of non-UK 6m enthusiasts. For those wanting to stay over on Friday night, many will be able to stay in the same hotel (The Falcon as in 2017) and I will organise another great 6m dinner for the Friday evening!

There will be several interesting talks to help pass the long hot summer day...

The cost of the BBQ is 25 UK Pounds and will need to be paid in advance of the event.

I know it's a long way off, but if you are interested in attending PLEASE send me an email stating your level of interest. If I don't hear from you then I could assume there is no interest!

73 Chris G3WOS - [email protected]

Friday night 6M DXer's dinner

Friday night 6M DXers’ dinner

If you have attended before, you will know that we hold a dinner on the Friday evening starting at 19:00. The restaurant is next door to the Falcon Hotel so there are no driving problems to worry about.

Gurkha Palace restaurant

This will be a set meal an will cost £20 per person paid for on the night. Drinks extra.


Drinks at the Falcon hotel

Friday night 6M DXers dinner


All welcome

This is advance notice for this year's AGM. In order to offer a rare chance to several of our overseas members to attend the AGM this year, it will take place at the BBQ held at the G3WOS BBQ on August 10th starting at 10 a.m. Tea, coffee and cake will be supplied.

The UKSMG AGM (Angelo, I2ADN and Trev, G3ZYY

Attendees as of 1st August 2019

(Those marked in green have paid)

Status Name Callsign Friday
Yes Ken AC4TO Yes
Yes Pipe CE3SAD / CE3SX Yes
Yes Uli DK8NE Yes
Yes Peter G0IPE  
Yes Mike G0KAD  
Yes Justin G0KSC Yes
Yes Coley G0KSC's XYL Yes
Yes Dick G0LFF Yes
Yes Andy G0VUH  
Yes Bob G3NSM  
Yes Andy G3SVD  
Yes Graham G3TCT  
Yes Phil G3TCU  
Yes Chris G3WOS Yes
Yes Fred G4BWP Yes
Yes Paul G4CCZ  
Yes Mike G4DDL  
Yes Lynda 2E1FKA, (G4DDL's XYL)  
Yes Clive G4FVP Yes
Yes Chris G4IFX Yes
Yes John G4IRN Yes
Yes Derek G4XEE  
Yes Paul G4RRA  
Yes Rico G6RFL  
Yes Peter G8BCG Yes
Yes Kerry G8VR Yes
Yes Clive GM3POI Yes
Yes Angelo I2ADN Yes
Yes Terry K4RX Yes
Yes Beth Anne K4RX's XYL Yes
Yes Peter LA7QIA Yes
Yes Andreas LA8AJA Yes
Yes Chris M1ABK Yes
Yes Alex M1YAP  
Yes Elsa M3SVD (G3SVD's XYL)  
Yes Johan ON4IQ Yes
Yes An ON4IQ's XYL Yes
Yes Bo OZ2M Yes
Yes John VK5PO/VK5SIX Yes
Yes Chris W3CMP Yes
Yes Maria ZR6MST (ZS6NK's XYL) Yes
Yes Paul ZS6NK Yes
No Peter G3ZSS Yes
Maybe Geoff G4ICD  

Talk Schedule

Time   Event Presenter
09:30   BBQ opens  



Title to be agreed. Jim, KH6/K6MIO

(Remote Presentation)

13:00 Pig roast is served!

All refreshments are supplied: Coffee, tea, soft drinks, wine, beer, lager are supplied at the BBQ!

I hope you are all not dieting as Helen is making: lemon Victoria sponges, chocolate Victoria sponges, strawberry cheesecake, Italian apricot fool, raspberry Eton mess and a fresh fruit bowl.

14:00 Radio adventures in Ayiti Chris, W3CMP
15:00 HF / 6m vs. VHF/UHF transceiver performance
Has parity finally been reached?
Plus, there are now two competing architectures
Rob Sherwood, NC0B

(Remote presentation)

16:00 Which way up are your six metre signals? Chris Deacon. G4IFX

73 Chris G3WOS