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By Chris Gare, G3WOS / ZD8SIX / VP8DBL

A two week ham radio trip to Ascension Island in the South Atlantic!

Photo credit: Ascension Administrator

Come and share with me the fun, frustration and excitement of a 6m (50MHz) radio amateur DXpedition to Ascension Island in the South Atlantic! I�m wrote it as events unfolded so it was written in �first person singular� as my English teacher explained to me many years ago. Hopefully you will be able to experience the fun and challenges as they occurred and learn a little about this fantastic island at the same time.

I hope the hams amongst you enjoy the descriptions and photos of the island and the non-hams don't get too confused with the jargon! Just skip the bits that are incomprehensible!

Here we go!
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� Chris Gare 2000. All photographs are copyrighted.


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