An alternative to the 6M7JHV antenna for 6m / 50MHz
Support rope adjustment

Before attempting to put the antenna on the mast, it's a good idea to pre-adjust the strain relief ropes. This is quite easily done by placing a temporary pole somewhere in your garden and attaching the antenna to it as can be seen below.

Attaching the antenna to a temporary mast

The ropes can be attached to the support plate and turn buckles using 'anchor hitch' knots as shown below.

Tip: Grease the turn buckle screws before starting to prevent lock up.

The strain relief plate with the turn buckles and ropes attached.

This is just a temporary knot to see how things worked.

Temporary knot on the boom

Use a level to get the antenna reasonably level.

Use a level to see that that the antenna does not sag.

Seal the ends of the rope by melting with a match.

Sealing the ends of the rope.

The now level LFA2.

The antenna with the boom sag removed.

10 meters of antenna is quite big when on the ground!

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