An alternative to the 6M7JHV antenna for 6m / 50MHz
The LFA2 design

This is the wire data as used by Justin, G0KSC in his EZNEC Pro/4 modelling.

These are the plots supplied by Justin, G0KSC from his EZNEC Pro/4 design tool. Notice the nearly complete absence of the two 45 degree front facing lobes.

Azimuth performance

The azimuth plot of the  alternative  6M7JHV  LFA2 design

SWR performance

This is about as good as it comes.

The ultra-low SWR plot of the alternative 6M7JHV LFA2 design

Elevation performance

Performance variation across the bandwidth

With the LFA design, the f/b and gain are relatively flat across the complete the required 50 to 50.4MHz bandwidth of 50 to 50.4MHz.

Front to back of the LFA over the designed frequency range (1)

Whereas, the 6M7JHV f/b (red) drops away from 25 to 20dB over a similar frequency range.

Front to back of the 6M7JHV  over the designed frequency range (1)

(1) As modelled by G0KSC in EZNEC Pro/4

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