An alternative to the 6M7JHV antenna for 6m / 50MHz
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August 2010

Chris, Just finished reading your intriguing info on building the LFA beams. M2 antennas are popular here in rainy Seattle, but do suffer from in-city noise and, more importantly, from rain seriously affecting the SWR.

Have you done any testing, or have you measured any dry vs. wet performance? Seattle actually get less annual rainfall than many large US cities, but we have far more rainy days than most. Our antennas can drip for several days at a time!

Your thoughts will be appreciated. John K7MCX CN87UR

It's a bit too early for me to talk from experience about susceptibility to rain, however because of the 'broadband' nature of the LFA design I would say there is little or no chance of detuning and SWR degradation in rain. I was using it last week in quite heavy UK rain and noticed no deterioration in SWR. However, Seattle rain (I know having lived there for a bit) is something else!

Lovely set up - on your web page it didn�t say how far apart the antennas are stacked�can you tell me please. 

73 Don Falle VE2DFO

Just under 5 metres Don so it's a little under stacked. I can�t get any more as it hits the neighbour�s fence!

I have read your construction details with great interest. The explanation is excellent and I will be able to use your experiences etc. for building a 4 meter antenna as I still have hope that 4 meter may become available in the foreseeable future. I also might be building a 6 meter version, but as a live in a small village, I have not much noise to care about. (I am currently using a 20 year old Diamond 6 elements, which is quite satisfactory).

Interesting to see really are the mishaps you document. You can not imagine how glad I am that I am NOT the only one suffering from these things.  Thank you very much for a very interesting site !

Best 73 ! OE3FVU / PE0WGA

My electronic knowledge and assembly is pretty hard to find but mechanically I am just finding my footing. I know how to use a marker gauge, Mitre square and divider but I've never heard of them before lol. My dad was a Chemist/Builder so I always saw these bit lying around the house when I was a kid and wondered what they were for. They will be handy for other DIY jobs in the future too. Well keep up the good work Chris best page I have seen for ages.

Regards David M0NUT Committee/Contest Manager Harwell ARS!

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