An alternative to the 6M7JHV antenna for 6m / 50MHz
Compared to other current designs

One of the very first things that has to be done when evaluating any new design is to compare it to the competition. To achieve this I found several current 7-element designs and compared their azimuth plots to our alternative  6M7JHV LFA antenna.

A picture says a thousand words so I'm told. The results might just surprise you!

First, comparing the antenna to YO-modelled 6M7JHV, take a look at the marked difference in side-lobe suppression - especially the two forward facing ones. On the LFA2 design, the two forward facing side-lobes are virtually non-existent giving a 6dB advantage in the direction of the lobes.

The reduced back lobes have a 3 or 4 dB advantage over the 6M7JHV are very welcome as well - especially the additional 5.7dB of front-to-back ratio.

Comparing the EZ calculated LFA2 v YO calculated 6M7JHV

We have also compared the LFA2 design against the 6M7JHV in elevation as well (LFA2 in blue).

6M7JHV v LFA2 design in elevation at 20 metres

Another design often encountered is that designed by I0JXX. The results speak for themselves.

Compared to the I0JXX 7JXX6 7-element design

YU7EF's designs are extremely popular for home builders, and Pop's designed provided much inspiration to Justin, G0KSC in the development of his LFA designs. Again, the sizable reduction in the forward facing side lobes is beneficial as are the improved back lobes.

Compared to the YU7EF EF0607 7-element design

Everyone has heard of the archetypal DK7ZB antenna designs from Germany. Again, the results are nearly similar to YU7EF design discussed above.

Compared to the DK7ZB 28 Ohm 7-element design

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