An alternative to the 6M7JHV antenna for 6m / 50MHz
Bending the reflector and D1

Bend the ends of reflector and director 1 towards the loop. The reflector is bent +47mm and director 1 is bent -5mm.

Mark the reflector along its length so that you can align it while bending and when reassembling.

Mark the top of the reflector and director 1

Place the reflector in a vice, mark upwards.

Place the reflector in a vice

Place a second long length of 1/2" tube on top of the reflector to act as a guide.

Use another length of 1/2" pipe as a guide.

Now bend the reflector where it emerges from the 1/2" tube 47mm.

Bend the reflector 47mm

When done, it can be mounted on the boom

The mounted bent reflector

Now bend director 1 in the same way 5mm and

The bent director 1

One last thing!

As the reflector has been bent forward, its needs to be lengthened a little. A little triangle maths shows that it needs to be lengthened by 1.3mm on each side to keep the length the same as in the design.

X2 = Y2 + Z2
X2 = 7602  + 452
X = 761.3mm

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