Our flaking roof
 Planning & Building Control
 Assembling the scaffold
 Building the hip roof frame
 Stripping the old roof

 Tiling begins!
 Leading the chimneys
 Fitting the bonnet tiles
 Cementing bonnet tiles
 Cementing verges
 Topping out
 Final details
 Cleaning up!
 Re-pointing the chimneys

 Removing the scaffolding
 Finished roof

Upgrading the loft

 Installing the loft floor



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Removing the scaffold


Before I can see the completed roof from the ground the scaffolding needs to be taken down - a much quicker job than putting it up!

Access to the lower roof is removed first. IT is really tipping it down with rain today so I'm glad the roof was completed while the fickle UK weather was good.

Then from around the side of the house.


A start is made on the side.


The chimney scaffold is removed.

Much of the back scaffolding is removed by the end of the first day.


Nearly done now...