Our flaking roof
 Planning & Building Control
 Assembling the scaffold
 Building the hip roof frame
 Stripping the old roof

 Tiling begins!
 Leading the chimneys
 Fitting the bonnet tiles
 Cementing bonnet tiles
 Cementing verges
 Topping out
 Final details
 Cleaning up!
 Re-pointing the chimneys

 Removing the scaffolding
 Finished roof

Upgrading the loft

 Installing the loft floor



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Cementing verges


Cementing the verges has now begun.

See how the verges were cemented in this short YouTube video:

This is the verge at the back of the house.

Finishing the cementing.

All this work results in a very neat job.

This is the raised verge at the front of the house.

The back of the garage verges completed.

The fourth and final decoration added.

Cementing the big verge on the front of the house.


Each tile is carefully fitted.

To produce an exceptionally net result.