2005 G3WOS BBQ Guests

Thumbs/tn_A puzzled 5B4FL.jpg
A puzzled 5B4FL.jpg
Thumbs/tn_Andy, LA8AJA.jpg
Andy, LA8AJA.jpg
Thumbs/tn_Bo, SM7FJE.jpg
Bo, SM7FJE.jpg
Thumbs/tn_Chris, G3WOS - is my nose that big.jpg
Chris, G3WOS - is my nose that big.jpg
Thumbs/tn_Egil, LA8AV.jpg
Egil, LA8AV.jpg
Thumbs/tn_EH7KW, ZS6NK, I2ADN and 5B4AGY.jpg
EH7KW, ZS6NK, I2ADN and 5B4AGY.jpg
Thumbs/tn_Frank, DL8YHR.jpg
Frank, DL8YHR.jpg
Thumbs/tn_G0JHC, Jonathan and ON4GG.jpg
G0JHC, Jonathan and ON4GG.jpg
Thumbs/tn_G3ZYY talking about something with G4IFX.jpg
G3ZYY talking about something with G4IFX.jpg
Thumbs/tn_G8BCG, G4IGO and G0JJL.jpg
G8BCG, G4IGO and G0JJL.jpg
Thumbs/tn_Geert, ON4GG.jpg
Geert, ON4GG.jpg
Thumbs/tn_IK0FTA, I2ADN and EH7KW 1.jpg
IK0FTA, I2ADN and EH7KW 1.jpg
Thumbs/tn_IK0FTA, I2ADN and EH7KW.jpg
IK0FTA, I2ADN and EH7KW.jpg
Thumbs/tn_Jonathan and Neil.jpg
Jonathan and Neil.jpg
Thumbs/tn_Kari, OH2BC.jpg
Kari, OH2BC.jpg

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